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A Letter From Paul and Nancy

July 25, 2014

First of all, before I explain what happened last night I want to apologize to everyone on behalf of Nancy and I.

It was a terrible, terrible, evening.

We pride ourselves on providing a great evening of fun and entertainment and that includes, first and foremost, putting on a great show. Last night there was a perfect storm of trouble brewing at the drive-in. To the people who defended us in these conversations thank you so much for your ongoing support. Our motto has always been if we don’t get it right we will make it right.

There were several factors last night that contributed to the show not running…

We had no sound getting out of the booth so we had no way of telling people how things were going. I was out of town and sick so I was only available by phone. Nancy and Maura and I were on the phone for 90 minutes trying to troubleshoot and sort out various solutions.

In the meantime our staff in the canteen soldiered on, unaware of what was going on.

I speak from experience when I say that it is a tremendous responsibility when you are responsible for the show and there are problems. It makes you sick to your stomach. People are angry and honking and screaming at you because they can’t see a movie.

We had movies running on the back screen.

I don’t want to take away for this apology because we are mortified but where I need to say hey let’s catch our breath is when there is this suggestion that people’s holidays were ruined. We had a lovely family program on the back. We would happily give you your money back and have you stay as our guest.

In the meantime we were working feverishly to try and sort things out.  Without success I’m afraid. By the time it became clear we weren’t going to solve these sound issues there was no way to communicate that to you.

It really wasn’t bad manners although I understand why people thought that. It was bad technology. And human frailty. After 90 minutes of battling the equipment and facing the storm of anger it’s a natural reaction to withdraw.

We were seriously short staffed so everyone was scrambling. That’s on us.

I should have a backup transmitter with a direct mike. I will from now on. We never needed it before. It’s like buying an alarm after you’re broken into.

I know that everyone got a refund and that’s not enough. We can’t restore everyone in the manner they may think fair. What we can do we are doing.

We can try to make sure we learn the lessons of last night. Problems happen. I can’t promise you there won’t be others this year. What I can guarantee is I won’t have to write another letter like this because all of these problems will be fixed.

Some people want more.

Well we put in digital this year. It’s our 25th year serving the public. We decided not to go to our customers for help.

We chose not to raise the prices. We committed to buying better than good enough.

Last night there were over $1,300.00 in refunds plus subsequent free admits and the bad feelings from the people who matter the most.

I think that’s probably enough don’t you?

Again, our sincere apologies.

Come back. We’ll make it right.


Paul and Nancy